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She Found The Freedom by okinawarikenata
She Found The Freedom
Im so sorry for leaving this DA like in forever ): been really busy with college stuffs and other activities. Miss me? This is my latest project with my model. Well, actually i have lots to show you guys. Follow my instagram for more
Thank you <3
Kediri, Indonesia
She Looks At You by okinawarikenata
She Looks At You
So glad that i finally go back to photography. I've been really busy with college stuffs and they didnt let me do anything for photography. But i did some other activities like making some short movies with my friends at
So, this is my latest photoshoot with my new cute model, Ve. What do you think? (:
Follow my instagram okinawarikenata for more. Thank you <3
Model : Ve
Kediri, Indonesia
Wondering by okinawarikenata
From "November 15" album.
Model : Okinawa R.
Photographer : Anshar Zamrud | | |
  • Listening to: Debussy - Claire de Lune
  • Drinking: Milk
"Look!! That's moonlight!!" said the guy
"It looks beautiful!" said the girl


Night came..
"where are you?" the guy looked for the girl

But the guy didnt find her. Finally he slept. Alone

2 am
The guy woke up, his face didnt look good. Something had gone wrong.

"Who played the piano at 2 am?" asked the guy

He walked out of his room. Tried to find out who played the piano. But he didnt find the person who played the piano. He went back to sleep.

2.45 am
Someone looked at the guy. She's the girl. She starred at him but she didnt wake up the guy.

"im sorry i never show myself when the night comes. Because.... If you see me, the real me,.. You will..............." said the girl

6 am
The guy woke up. He still didnt find the girl.

"God, where's she? I miss her!" said the guy

Suddenly, he heard a loud voice from the garrage. He never went to his own garrage since he knew his mom was killed in there.
He walked slowly. Then.......

"10 years ago.. I locked this garrage and i swore i wouldnt unlock it. But now, something makes me unlock this door." the guy spoke to himself

Dark, smell

"Oh God.." the guy


"You?!! Why are you here? How......." the guy shocked
"Window..." said the girl
"Why are you here?" asked the guy
"You loved wrong person." said the girl
"What do you mean? Who?" asked the guy
"I killed your mom. I killed her here." the girl


"I killed her because i wanted her blood. I needed her blood, so that i could stay in this world for long time." the girl
"So.. You killed my mom? But i told you i loved you." the guy
"Yaa" the girl
"You have to kill me now." the guy
"No will not!" the girl
"Im her son! You killed her, and now you have to kill me! My blood is as taste as her blood!!" the guy


Blood everywhere...

The guy had killed by the girl.

"Oh well.. You're right. Your blood is as taste as your mom's." said the girl


okinawarikenata's Profile Picture
Okinawa Rikenata
Artist | Student | Photography
"We are paid for our creativity, not because of the results."

Hi, i'm Keke, 17. You exactly know what my hobbies are. Yes, photography and editing photos.
I was associated with a small photographic community and has not been famous, named MOP Photograph, but since December 06 2013, the crews changed the name and now it's Bellissima Arte Photograph and Photowork. But even then, we keep fighting and keep adventuring to produce something that can be remembered because of the special characteristics, and not because of the trend.

We will be really happy if you like our page on facebook.
Thank you!

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Thank you Okinawa from Indonesia!

Chinese Lantern Mandarin Oranges: Wealth + Fortune 
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Send this to all your friends & me...... If you get 4 back you are liked but, if you get 7 back you are seriously liked.:iconsaaptewt:
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